Brushless Motor

18V Brushless Motor Application

18V Brushless Motor



Brushless direct cuttent motor is a motor type under rapid spreading,; it can be used in power tools, garden tools, power equipments, home appliances, car , aerospace, consumer goods, medical/industrialized automatic equipments and instruments, etc.
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Comparing with brush DC motor and induction motor, BLDC has lots of benefits, includes:
1. Better speed-torque feature
2. Rapid dynamic response
3. High efficiency
4. Long life time
5. Low noise on working
6. Higher speed range
Function Specification Remark
Rated voltage 18VDCV Applicable to voltage of 24V、36V、48V、72V and 220V
No load speed 28,500±200rpm
No load current 2±1A
Motor output power 349W
Current limit protection o controller 30A
The axial string move 0.5mm Max.

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Max. efficiency [67(%)] T:0.11Nm N:2,825rpm I:17.81A Po:241W Pi:359W
Max. output power [49(W)] T:0.17Nm N:20,241rpm I:26.41A --- Pi:535W
Max. torque [0.17(Nm)] --- N:20,241rpm I:26.41A Po:349W Pi:535W
Max. speed [28,359(rpm)] T:0.00Nm --- I:6.77A Po:22W Pi:139W
Max. end point [0.17(Nm)] T:0.17Nm N:20,241rpm I:26.41A Po:349W Pi:535W