Company Profile

Company Milestone

Feb. 1975 - Company Founded
Aug. 1977 - Automotive Auxiliary Lighting Division Founded
Nov. 1983 - The 2nd Factory Setup in Ping Chang / Taiwan
Jun. 1986 - Power Tool Division Founded
Jan. 1989 - The 3rd Factory Setup in Shin Wu / Taiwan
Jun. 1994 - ISO 9001 Certified
Jun. 1995 - New Manufacturing Facility in Shanghai, China
Jun. 1999 - Acquired McCulloch in North America
Jun. 2002 - Became a public traded company in Taiwan
Mar. 2008 - Sold Lawn & Garden and Power Equipment Divisions to Husqvarna AB in Sweden
Dec. 2008 - Bought KTO Co., Ltd. and acquired CIGS Thin Film Technology
Jun. 2009 - Changed company name to Jenn Feng New Energy Co., Ltd.
Mar. 2012 - Successfully developed CIGS See-Through module
Mar. 2013 - Successfully developed Brushless motor
Jun. 2013 - Resume Lawn & Garden and Power Equipment business
Oct. 2014 - Customized production shipments brushless motor products
Aug.2015 - JF’s design capability on brushless motor and controller earned good reputation
and cooperation with Germany customer.
May.2016 - Launched rotary shears cutter with dual blades was listed in garden tools category.
Jan. 2017 - Brushless motor technology continues to grow.  Innovative development on the structure of motor stator and obtained patent certificate.
Feb. 2017- Innovative development of bilateral LED lighting methods for power tools in order to achieve the best illumination in the dark space and obtained patent certificate.
Aug. 2017- Innovative development on the largest light-harvesting device which increase 20% efficiency.  Well got the best achievement
Mar. 2018 - Launched 650Nm High-Torque impact wrench with brushless motor.  Having good reputation and support from professional market of vehicle repair.
Jun. 2018 - Launched reciprocating saw with brushless motor.  The main application is for orchard and bamboo garden.  The products were diversified to meet different market demands.
Feb. 2019 - The 18V high-torque brushless motor and LCD (liquid crystal display) hammer drill were launched. The high-quality design and quality make the market segment of the product, locking the construction industry, carpentry decoration and metalwork industries that need large torque to make works easier.
Aug. 2019 - The 18V brushless motor multi-function angle grinder + sander+ polisher which is a brand new 3 in 1 machine launched as the only innovative product in the world. The multi-functional and all-round application products were recognized by the international market.
Aug. 2019 - Innovative development of the structure of the electric drill stator with intelligent speed control function, and obtained patent certification.
Jun. 2020 - It innovatively developed a trigger switch device for electric tools that prevents accidental touch. It is widely used in a variety of electric tools to greatly improve safety, and has been patented. 
Jul. 2020 - The general meeting of shareholders was opened and the resolution: was renamed Jenn Feng Industrial Tools Co., Ltd.

About Us

Jenn Feng power tools/ Lighting Technology/ Brushless Motors are designed and engineered to the latest international standards, incorporating user friendly features which ensure customers’ satisfaction. Jenn Feng power tools/ Lighting Technology/ Brushless Motors are unique, easy to use, and have an attractive appearance and superior performance. This design philosophy is to offer products with modern designs and high quality at affordable prices.

Jenn Feng Industrial Tools Co., Ltd. warrants that all of the parts, components, materials and products supplied by Jenn Feng and/or its affiliates comply with the “Conflict Minerals Policy”. As a good corporate citizen, Jenn Feng shall bear its social responsibility, respect the human rights, pay close attention to conflict minerals issues continuously, and make efforts to examine its supply chain with diligence to assure the metals sources of, including but not limited to, tin (Sn), tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W), and gold (Au) (hereinafter referred as “Conflict Minerals”) are not drifted from the mines of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and its neighboring countries (hereinafter referred as “Conflict Regions") controlled by armed groups. Jenn Feng hereby makes following commitments:

1. Conduct operations in a way of social and environmental responsibility.
2. Not to purchase Conflict Minerals from mines in the Conflict Regions.
3. Request its suppliers to refuse to use Conflict Minerals from the Conflict Regions.
4. Request its suppliers to notify their upstream suppliers of such requirement.